Tri-Max Terminator CAFS

  • Sistema De Espuma Terminator
  • Tanque de Espuma 60 Galones de solucion espuma pre-mixta hace 1,200 galones de espuma - listo para desplegar / 150 lbs de quimico seco
  • Dimensiones 61
  • Peso Bruto Vacio: 740 lbs / Lleno: 1,140 lbs

Portable Foam/Dry Chemical System

The TRI-MAX TERMINATOR is a Portable Foam/Dry Chemical System that combines Cold Compressed air Foam and “Purple K” dry chemical. The patented Hydro-chem nozzle incorporates TRI-MAX Cold foam Technology, which encapsulates dry chemical through the center of the foam stream placing more Agent on target and carrying it several times further. This system will suppress 4 to 5 times more fire than older, outdated Twin Agent systems. Vapor suppression of flammable liquid or toxic chemical spills. 50-1 Foam Expansion in Vapor suppression mode. Hydro-Chem NozzleThe special light weight dual agent molded hose is highly maneuverable and easy to advance. The TRI-MAX™ and HYDRO-CHEM™ technology makes the TRI-MAX™ TERMINATOR the Twin Agent System that can handle your very difficult Class A, B and C fires.

  • Dual air cylinders allow the system to be discharged twice with on-board air
  • Enhanced with Patented Hydro-Chem Nozzle
  • Foam encapsulates dry chemical offering increased discharge distances
  • Greater Accuracy with Hydro-Chem Nozzle

Extinguishes Class :

  1. A (combustible)
  2. B (flammable liquid)
  3. C (electrical) fires & 3 Dimensional pressurized flammable liquid fires


  • Height: 55.5″ Width: 43″ Length: 61″
  • Loaded weight 1,140 lbs. Empty weight 740 lbs.
  • Premix Tank: 60-gallon capacity
  • Dry Chemical Tank: 150 lbs.
  • Finished Foam Capacity: Approximately 1200 gallons finished foam
  • Discharge Nozzle: Hydro-Chem™ Twin Agent System Nozzle
  • Discharge Rate (max): 300 gal/minute of finished foam
  • Foam Discharge Distance: Minimum of 65 feet (straight distance) in a no-wind condition.
  • High Pressure Cylinder (Industrial): Two (2) 150 cu.ft. 2400 psi
  • Regulator: Two (2) Adjustable Regulators
  • Dispensing Hose: 50 feet of 3/4″ twin-agent rubber hose

Options & Accessories

  • Additional 110 cu. ft Air Cylinder
  • Trailer Mount Option