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TRI-MAX 3 CAF Pack Designed specifically for first responders working in the toughest conditions, the TRI-MAX 3 CAF Pack is easily handled by a single.

Tri-Max TM30 CAFS

30 Gal. Wheeled CAFS Plumbed 30 gal. solution tank (2) 80 cu ft SCUBA cylinders w/valves and mounts gauges adjustable regulator gauge/regulator panel 50′ x.

Tri-Max TM60 CAFS

TM Super-60-HSS – Powerful 60 Gallon CAFS Skid Unit Compact welded steel frame Dual Discharge Capability (when equipped) Able to be shot twice with on-board.

Tri-Max Terminator CAFS

Portable Foam/Dry Chemical System The TRI-MAX TERMINATOR is a Portable Foam/Dry Chemical System that combines Cold Compressed air Foam and “Purple K” dry chemical. The.

Bauer Oceanus E1 Compresor – VENDIDO

Bauer Oceanus E-1 Compresor – 5,000 psi Charging Rate: 4.9 CFM / 139 L/Minute Current: 208 – 230 V / 60 hz Operating Pressure: 330 Bar   /   4,780.